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Mul-T-Lock came out with a new cylinder called the ‘Classic Pro’. The Classic Pro contains a new kind of telescopic pin. This pin design seems influenced by other Assa Abloy products and allows for a simple method to create exclusive ‘profiles’ for locksmiths all over the world.

The hidden lock trick

In modern day locks and safes there is not a lot of ‘security trough obscurity’. Therefore it is always interesting to see hidden trick locks in old safes.

In this video you see an old key safe. It looks as if only one key is needed to open it. The owner can decide to set a hidden lock on the bottom to ‘open’ or ‘closed’.

In the ‘open’ position the safe can be opened with just one key. But if the owner locks the second lock the safe remains closed for people that have only the front lock key.

Getting started with milling

Part of the R&D work is based on macro images of internal parts of locks.

The first step is of course to create a cut-away view of the lock. Many people wonder how to create such views. And even better: how to create a fully functional cut-away lock.

Mitch Capper of Security Snobs has written an excellent article on how to get started with milling machines and creating cutaways.

It is a must read for everyone interested in this part of field.


The lock industry is clearly expecting the 3D printing revolution to change the landscape. More and more locks and keys are advertised as ‘3D printer proof’.

A nice example was shown at the Bouwbeurs in Utrecht. The Ivana MCP key contains one single magnetic element and was promoted as ‘very difficult to duplicate on a 3D printer’. As a sales argument a simple 3D printer was printing keys all day long at the booth. These keys would fit a cylinder that was laying at the booth and the public could test the printed keys themselves.

It will be interesting to see when the first commercial 3D key printers actually will enter the market.

Before kicking off with a new lock to discuss we would like to wish everyone a fantastic, safe and healthy 2015!

The lock we will cover today is something really special. It is made by the Chinese Yuema company and has some unique characteristics. One of the main design goals seems to be a high degree of resistance against picking and manipulation techniques.

The youtube video below will give you a good idea on how the lock works.

The Canton China Import/Export Fair in Guangzhou is one of the largest fairgrounds we visited so far. The hall dedicated to Tools had a section about locks, keys, keymachines and more.

It was nice to meet some worldfamous lock manufacturers face-to-face and to see an interesting mix of new and exotic locking mechanisms (like double laser track, double row etc). Interesting observation: the number of locks labeled ‘top security‘ and keys called ‘lock‘ was very high at the show.

At the last LTI newsposting we covered the QR-Lock. At the fair we met with a company called Innovative Technology Equipment. They showed a new series of locks and a terminal that will allow you to print QR-keys based on your ID-card. All in all a very flexible and low-costs solution for hotels and the like. Click on the video below for a demonstration of the terminal.